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Letters: Dud Republicans must get into lockstep with leaders

Dud Republicans must get into lockstep with leaders

I must call out the writer of the letter from Dec. 16, “Republican Maneuvers Raise Troubling Questions,” and ask: Do you know for sure of Roy Moore being a pedophile? If you’re just saying it because of these fake news stories (by the way: it was also reported that one of his accusers may have forged something he wrote in order to accuse him of such vile stuff), then you should just sit down and be quiet.

However, the recent troubling maneuvers in Washington come from guys like John McCain and Jeff Flake, long-tenured senators who seem to value “the establishment” more than our calls for change, as embodied in the 2016 election. These duds have done what they could to undermine the agenda we voted for in electing President Trump and a Republican slate. When we voted, we voted for these things:

Protecting the borders/maintaining America’s sovereignty; cutting taxes; complete repeal of Obamacare; protecting and preserving law and order; doing away with all “political correctness.”

What we need, effective the 2018 election, is for Republicans who will align themselves with our agenda and stand in unyielding, unwavering, unquestioning, unqualified, unflinching, fully committed, and four-square lockstep with the same.

Lockstep together. Lockstep all the way.

Let’s do it!!!

Lloyd Marshall Jr.


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