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Letters: Annual inspections improve nursing home conditions – briefly

Annual inspections improve nursing home conditions – briefly

You can tell it’s that time of year again. Lots of employees running around like busy elves trying to get everything in order. Management combing through paperwork, rooms cleaned and decluttered, almost full staff at every shift (even bringing in agency help). Supervisors being extra cheerful and sometimes even offering an extra helping hand. Microwaves have been suddenly cleared out of the building and family members are no longer permitted to carry a food tray to their loved ones when assisting with their meal. They won’t be sitting on a cart getting cold and delivered late – nope not this week. A better system of keeping track of laundry has been initiated – great – after how many socks, pants, blankets, etc.,have gone missing over the years? Staff has become so accommodating and attentive. It’s been a pretty good five days.

But, alas, just like the holiday season, this too shall pass. As the Department of Health walks out the door finishing up their yearly survey inspection and the facility breathes a sigh of relief – the inferior conditions will once again be the norm. On the bright side, we have only about 10 months until the process starts again. In the meantime, keep in mind that many residents of nursing home facilities are either afraid or unable to speak for themselves. Talk to and get to know other residents and their families. Don’t be afraid to speak up and call the Department of Health when you feel something wasn’t addressed properly at the facility. Be vigilant and look out for one another’s loved ones. We are all in this together.

Mary Orgek

West Seneca

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