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Don't want to fall on ice? Try walking like a penguin

It's icy out there this week and it's easy to wipe out on an ice-caked sidewalk.

To save yourself from a broken bone and some embarrassment here's some advice on how to navigate the icy terrain in the Buffalo region.

The Today Show offered some helpful tips back in January 2015 on how to walk on ice and snow safely: "Walk like a penguin," Today suggested. "The waddle keeps your center of gravity over your front leg and will keep you upright. Spread your feet out slightly, to increase your center of gravity, and take small steps."

The NBC show also suggested keeping your hands out of your pockets while walking, based on advice from the Centers for Disease Control.

And if you do feel yourself falling, tuck and roll, Today said.

"If you feel yourself losing balance, tuck into a ball, make yourself as small as possible and keep your head and face away from the fall, experts say. Don't put out your hands to catch yourself, or you'll risk breaking your arms or wrists. Try to land on the fleshy part of your body rather than your knees or spine," Today said.


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