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Robert McCarthy: Time for my Christmas rhyme

Robert J. McCarthy

‘Twas the morn before Christmas
And all through our state,
Few Republicans were stirring
To take Cuomo’s bait.

For the governor was nestled
In his Guv Mansion lair,
With an eye on the White House,
He longs to be there.

But before all that happens
Andrew must run again,
And remind all who’ll listen
How wonderful he’s been.

He gave us a billion
To build SolarCity,
But the job numbers so far
Have really been [bad].

Brian Kolb wants a chance
As political giant killer,
But no upstater has won
Since Nathan L. Miller.

On Kolb! On Giambra!
On Sen. DeFran!
But where’s Harry Wilson?
He’s really their man.

At home, Byron Brown
Has won a fourth term,
Tying old Jimmy Griffin
For the most you can earn.
He promises the world
As Buffalo’s mayor,
But his big job in ’18
Is Cuomo’s state chair.

Down in the Capitol
They thought they’d be rich,
Through Congressman Collins
And his Aussie stock pitch.

Now Congress is probing
And the Dems want a shot
To challenge him next year,
Believe it or not.

Now Nate! Now Stankevich!
And also Sean Bunny!
They think they can beat him
Without any money!
In DC there reigns
A right jolly old elf,
Who writes midnight tweets
Extolling himself.

He’s shaking things up,
The town is not duller.
But don’t get complacent,
There’s still Robert Mueller.

So let’s wrap this up,
There’s gifts that need wrappin’.
To heck with the pols,
And all of their yappin’.

For they take the week off
And give us a break
From partisan bickering
And news that is fake.

But remember the news
That you will read here
Is real and not fake,
Every day of the year.

Again with apologies
To Clement Clark Moore,
We’re no good at poetry,
That is for sure.

And so we’ll resume
When the calendar moves,
Wishing Happy Christmas to all,
From The Buffalo News!

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