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Reporters' Notebook: Dec. 22, 2017

OLAF FUB SEZ: According to French playwright Jean Racine, born on this date in 1639, “There is nothing so easy but that it becomes difficult when you do it with reluctance."

. . .
Christmas Tree

A special tree has symmetry,
You must be wise
To choose the size
And have a very special touch
To keep from cutting off too much,
Then get it in the stand just right.
You may avoid a family fight.
Some people’s pride lies in perfection.
Please lean it in the right direction.
Adjust the lights now, one by one.
The job is far from being done.
Each ornament must make a show
Reflecting in the fire’s glow.
Every icicle is laid with care,
Tossing bunches isn’t fair!
Now, Mr. Kilmer, wouldn’t you agree
That God and I have made this tree?
– Diana Notaro
. . .

SWAP FOR SANTA – The New York Apple Association wants to change a holiday tradition. Instead of leaving cookies for Santa Claus, they suggest putting out some of their fruit. Jason Woodworth, an apple grower from Waterport and chairman of the association’s board of directors, observes, “He’s got to be tired of cookies, don’t you think?

. . .

WARM AND FURRY – Ten Lives Club, the cat rescue organization, is looking for volunteers. Helpers are needed for once-a-week shifts at the main shelter, 3741 Lake Shore Road, Blasdell, and at their 11 adoption sites around the metro area, including the new one in Eastern Hills Mall in Clarence.
Volunteer info and applications are available at by calling 646-5577. If you can’t volunteer, monetary donations or items of value such as gift certificates or bottles of wine can be dropped off at the main shelter.

. . .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Becky Avino, Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Irwin Pate, Joy Testa-Cinquino, Jorge Gonzalez, Todd Kranocko, Dottie Potembski, Pauline Cappiello, Mitch Flading, Andrew Baker, Bob Warnes, Emmy Lou Hess, Donna Recktenwalt, Heidi Urban, Pam Bugenhagen, Sandy Pelino, Larry Graner, Bill Yeates Sr., Mary Lee De Graffenried, Bill Day Sr., Amy Kuminski, MaryAnn McElroy, Diane Benker and Carol Wannemacher.

AND SATURDAY – Francis J. Conway, Jack Connolly, Nicole Parshall, Howard Dauscher, Estelle Gafter, Amy Sanders, Kelly Murphy, Kristina Buran, Alice Bienik, Kate Kurzanski, Linda Smolen, Lynne Brucz, Jeremy Giordano, Joan Zurawski, Tim Leary, Kathy Puglia and Lois Irene Lewis.

AND SUNDAY – Rita Hartmann, Carol Russo, Rita Sofia, Harry Rosettani, Mary Ramsey, Sylvia Coles, Kenneth Holley, Barbara Sundy, Jeanette Joyce Livingston, Christopher Glynn, Rita Hartman, Laurie Billittier, Lynda Ram and Hailey Giordano.

To submit birthdays and other items of interest to Reporters’ Notebook, please email or send a letter to Reporters’ Notebook, Buffalo News, Box 100, Buffalo, NY 14240.

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