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Letters: Nation’s leaders need to stop the bickering

Nation’s leaders need to stop the bickering

We can now call our government leaders “The Bickersons,” named after the late comic couple of Don Ameche and, if I remember right, Frances Langford, who were always bickering.

While I don’t approve of harassment, and I’m not a prude, why do those Hollywood beauties want to show off more body than they should?

As far as the bickering. I’m sure at one time or another, most of us has said or done something that we have regretted and wanted to take back. The only perfect one died many years ago.

Our leaders need to get back to the jobs they were elected to do, looking out for the peoples interests and not their own. That’s what they get those overblown paychecks for.

Stop the bickering and make America great again whether you like that saying or not.

John B. Guzzi


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