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Letters: If there’s evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia, let’s see it

If there’s evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia, let’s see it

To be clear, it is unacceptable for any country to meddle in another country’s election. According to many sources the Russians meddled in our recent presidential election. We should all be disturbed by this. But what exactly was this Russian involvement? Apparently there were certain anti-Hillary Clinton Facebook postings. Supposedly there were also postings telling people they could vote for Clinton on the internet. Russia was reportedly involved in WikiLeaks’ release of Democratic National Committee (DNC) hacked emails that showed the DNC tilted toward Clinton during the Democratic primaries, scheduled the debates with Bernie Sanders to favor her and even provided Clinton with some of the debate questions beforehand.

Now, while it may seem comical to most citizens that any voter would be foolish enough to rely on or be influenced by social media as a source for election information or that anyone familiar with the voting process could possibly believe that they could vote on the internet, such false information must be prevented from dissemination by a foreign power so that the most naive among us are not deceived.

However, while it is unfortunate that the WikiLeaks release may have been due to Russian meddling, the information about collusion between a corrupt DNC and the Clinton campaign was something all Americans needed to know about and regrettably would likely never have come to light without WikiLeaks and Russia.

Now we are engaged in an all-consuming investigation of Russian meddling and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Although contact with a Russian can in no way be conflated with collusion, the media and Democratic politicians dramatically report every past contact between anyone involved with Trump and a Russian as a cause for suspicion.

Most of us are tired of this media obsession with what is a very troubling but ultimately mostly trivial Russian election meddling and the interminable investigation that has followed.

So let’s wrap this Russian thing up. It’s gone on too long. If there is evidence of collusion there has been ample time to ferret it out.

Make a case if there is one to be made. If not, move on, and give us all a break from the incessant drumbeat of speculation about every Russian contact somehow being evidence of collusion.

James Arkins


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