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Letters: What has Trump really accomplished so far?

What has Trump really accomplished so far?

It is bad enough that President Trump the person has enough disgusting personal traits that he should never have been elected to the most powerful position in the land: a pathological liar, an egomaniac, braggart, abuser of women, racist, bully, etc., etc., etc.

Anyone who ignores these fatal flaws in a democratic leader should be ashamed of himself. Nonetheless, it is the policies that he and his administration promote that have this country becoming UNGREAT at a rapid pace.

We have become the laughingstock of the world, with Trump’s outbursts, his insults of countries and leaders, his backing away from universal climate control initiatives, and abdicating Asian free trade to control by China. Statistics already show a significant drop in tourists coming to the U.S. and foreign students wanting to study here.

Regarding his “accomplishments” to date – what accomplishments? Immigration bans – stopped by the courts for almost this whole year. Repeal of Obamacare – failed. New wonderful health care plan – defeated by his own party. Lock up Hillary – dropped it right after election, resurrecting it when the Russian investigation got too close. Job creations – pace no different than under Obama. Business coming back to America – a few “grandstanding” announcements. Tax reform – takes credit but had little or no real involvement or input.

We all look forward to voting his blind supporters out of office in each succeeding election, and running Trump & Co. out of town in 2020 – assuming he doesn’t get impeached sooner!

Keith Williams

Grand Island

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