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Letters: Urban Teaching Academy promotes false stereotype

Urban Teaching Academy promotes false stereotype

In a Dec. 8 story by Jay Rey, the Urban Teaching Academy offers the hope for future teacher diversity in the Buffalo Public Schools. Educators reaffirm that “minority teachers understand the cultural and racial backgrounds students bring to the classroom.”

This is a false racist stereotype that the UTA perpetuates. Students who graduate from the UTA receive a free college education, assistance for room and board and preference to be hired as a teacher in Buffalo. This adds to the spoiled entitled mentality of Buffalo teachers.

The UTA works with students to understand “what it means to be a teacher.” Would that include the generous salary with summers and holidays off, ample vacation, personal and sick leave, the shortest workday of any school district in WNY, a tenure system that protects teachers from being held accountable for high student dropout rates and poor performance, the lifetime Cadillac insurance program, or the option for early retirement?

What’s needed are cameras in every classroom to monitor teacher performance which is subject to parental review. A provision was added to the Buffalo Teachers Federation contract that does not allow cameras in the classroom to monitor teachers. What are union teachers hiding or afraid of?

Joe Cyran


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