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Letters: Republican maneuvers raise some troubling questions

Republican maneuvers raise some troubling questions

Let’s see if we’ve grasped the logic of the Republican National Committee. They’ve decided to endorse a pedophile for the U.S. Senate to punish Democrats for refusing to support their tax scheme, which includes a whopping tax increase on graduate students, most of whom earn stipends that are already lower than the minimum wage.

In other words, Republicans are endorsing a child molester, Roy Moore, because Democrats refuse to support the Republican plan to punish an entire generation of our most promising young scientists, historians, doctors, writers, artists, business leaders and so on.

How can any person of conscience, anyone who is awake, stick with a party that has moved from moral bankruptcy to outright assault on our youth?

Yes, Chris Collins, we’re calling you out. We live in your district, and we vote.

Kari Winter

and Donald Grinde

East Amherst

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