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Letters: Reporting on weather is given too much priority on TV

Reporting on weather is given too much priority on TV

My wife and I were watching, with great interest, the results of the Alabama Senate race on a cable network. The results were in at 11 p.m.

We switched to our local TV coverage to see how they were going to handle it. First channel was doing the weather. Second channel? Same result. Back to cable news.

We thought we had our priorities out of order until we saw today’s issue of The Buffalo News. There on the front page (and many pages within) were stories about the election results. They included possible consequences that could have long-range effects on Buffalo and especially many of our poorer people.

The weather report was in the second section with simple visuals.

It’s time the TV news and weather people think outside of their element when deciding what is most important to their audiences.

Buffalonians are used to different weather conditions and usually can handle them.

Chill out like our Bills fans and players at the Colts game.

Tony Buttino Sr.

West Seneca

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