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Letters: Middle-class voters need to review GOP tax proposal

Middle-class voters need to review GOP tax proposal

I would encourage all middle-class voters to carefully review the Republican tax plan. It seems clear to many of us that it is a huge boondoggle for the wealthy and very little for the rest of us. After we lose some of our itemized deductions and after we double the standard deduction, we just may pay a few less dollars for 2017.

But the Republican plan reduces that gain every year for the middle class while keeping the monstrous reduction in taxes for corporations forever. Yes, that’s right, our middle-class tax gains (if we have any) will gradually expire over the next 10 years. They think that we’re too stupid not to notice!

If this bill goes through unchanged, it is projected that it will add at least $1.5 trillion to the debt. When it comes time to consider the future expense of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and any socially responsible program, the “deficit hawks” that now support this bill will cry that we can’t afford it because of the debt. We will be in peril of being a country that only looks after the wealthy among us.

My friends, it’s all about money. Those that have it want more of it. Rep.Chris Collins’ rich supporters will vote for him next time. Why wouldn’t they? But don’t you let party affiliation blind you to the truth behind this tax bill. And don’t let these millionaire Republican swamp dwellers think that you are so stupidly loyal to the party that you will vote against your own interests!

Bob Mauger

East Aurora

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