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Letters: Make America great again promise unfulfilled so far

Make America great again promise unfulfilled so far

It seems to me that America is not becoming great again as promised. This wonderful country of ours is right in the middle of a huge quicksand bog and we are sinking fast.

Who’s to blame for this? President Trump.

The supposed leader of the free world has all of us in such a sorry state of affairs that it is hard for me to see a way back to normalcy. This man with the huge ego has lied. He keeps sending his ridiculous and oftentimes damaging tweets. He has made a multitude of poor decisions and fails to listen to the sound advice of his senior consultants. The latest polls put his approval rating at 32 percent.

It is way beyond time that our military and political leaders take off the blinders and stand up to this dangerous president and remove him from office. The game he is currently playing is a dangerous one, the results of which can only be disastrous for the millions of citizens of this great country of ours. His “my way” mentality is quite scary. If he had any common sense, he would do what’s best for America, and that’s to resign his office.

William J. Belz Jr.


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