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Letters: Kemp’s supply-side support worked against constituents

Kemp’s supply-side support worked against constituents

According to Russ Gugino’s Nov. 30 Another Voice article, Douglas Turner’s article “Phony theory then, phony theory now” pertaining to Reagan/Kemp is a misnomer.

Reagan initially campaigned about his affinity with working Americans and unions and balancing the budget. He later became the father of unsustainable trillion-dollar deficit spending.

Sure, Kemp was No. 15 for the Bills and we expected him to represent our industrial district.

Instead he was joined to Reagan’s hip campaigning on his football offseason during their California gubernatorial days. As our congressman, Kemp represented supply-side instead of us.

By intentionally losing the trade war and profiteering from artificially cheap imports, the U.S. is allowing countries such as Japan and China unprecedented political and economic inroads Russia couldn’t dream of.

The question is, for whom does supply side work, how well and for how long? The British have centuries of experience with globalization and look what they’re doing.

We need better choices. I changed my voter affiliation to independent, to let the Democrats know I want their return to an improved New Deal, instead of the old one Reagan cooked up and without their brand of government invasion into moral and religious tenets.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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