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Letters: Honoring concealed carry permits endangers N.Y.

Honoring concealed carry permits endangers N.Y.

New York State is ranked third lowest in the number of gun deaths per capita in the country, most likely because in New York, there are fewer guns and there are some sensible basic gun safety regulations.

Good news, right? Unfortunately, this encouraging statistic may not survive much longer, because the Republican Congress just passed a bill which will force all states to honor concealed carry permits issued in other states, even in those states with ridiculously lax “regulations.”

My representative, Congressman Chris Collins, was a co-sponsor for this alarming bill.

The bill tramples on the rights of every state that has sensible gun safety measures in place.

It will also make life a lot less safe for us New Yorkers, and we have Mr. States’ Rights himself, Collins, to thank.

It seems that Collins is so deep in the pockets of the NRA that he has no regard for the safety of his constituents.

He needs to explain how his concealed carry bill would benefit ONE SINGLE New Yorker.

Judy Pabst

East Amherst

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