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Letters: Economy improves, but more is needed from Trump

Economy improves, but more is needed from Trump

In response to a recent letter writer to The News: Yes, the economy is doing well under Trump (a continued upward spiral from Obama’s final years in office) and yes his overturning many regulations appeals to his supporters, but a president is so much more than a steward of the economy. The president must provide a moral compass for the nation, must be sympathetic to the needs of all citizens, regardless of party affiliation, must provide sensible, well thought out decision making and, most importantly, must be the type of leader that inspires all Americans to be the best they can be.

On these issues, Trump has failed miserably. In reality, he is the antithesis of the kind of leader we need and deserve. So before fans of Trump castigate those who fail to bestow adequate kudos for his economic results, I would only hope they are able to step back and objectively ask themselves if this amoral, hollow suit of a man who lacks even the most basic traits of social civility is the type of person we want representing our country both here and abroad.

Dick Piechowicz


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