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Letters: Consecutive cartoons point to hypocrisy of conservatives

Consecutive cartoons point to hypocrisy of conservatives

The publication of two editorial cartoons two days in a row, the first by Michael Ramirez showing an eagle labeled “Economy” soaring after being cut free, entitled “Tax Cuts,” and the second by Lisa Benson, showing a female statue on top of the U.S. Senate building shouting “Al Franken – will you pleeease leave?” entitled “Another woman speaks up,” deftly illustrate the hypocrisy of the conservative movement.

Left unsaid in the first cartoon is the damage the tax bill will do to the middle class and poor, in the form of aid cuts to children’s health care and welfare, and to small businesses, due to the loss of expense deductions.

Left unsaid in the second cartoon are the many names of the Republican congressmen who have left office due to being exposed as sexual predators, and the lack of Roy Moore’s name – who is accused of being a pedophile. Even worse, is the omission of the name of Donald Trump, who openly bragged about sexually abusing women on tape. Thank you, Buffalo News, for showcasing this hypocrisy.

David R. Battaglia


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