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Letters: Another view on restoring real meaning of Christmas

Another view on restoring real meaning of Christmas

Recently in this column an individual wrote that we should get back to the real meaning of Christmas. If that person were to research the origins of Christmas, the logical conclusion would be to ignore it.

The ancient Babylonian and Egyptians use to worship various sun gods during the last week of December, culminating on what they called the New Year. The Bible clearly states that Jesus was born in the autumn, most likely during the Feast of the Tabernacles. The Bible also teaches the New Year begins in March.

Shame on all of these so-called religious leaders who know this but continue to be false teachers and prophets. Even the act of cutting down a tree and mounting it in your house is a pagan custom that your Bible says not to do.

As for the human secularists who think its just a good excuse to celebrate happiness and love with friends and family, you are in fact worshipping the god of this world who counterfeited the holy days with pagan holidays. Why not learn what you are celebrating and stop depending on traditions?

God’s holy days give you the opportunity to celebrate within his laws. Lets get rid of Christmas and the pagan holidays and get back to God, the one true god of creation.

Robert Evans


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