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Letters: Amherst’s Republicans need to look first at themselves

Amherst’s Republicans need to look first at themselves

The Buffalo News, in the Dec. 12 edition, asked the question: “What happened to Amherst’s Republicans?” The story proffered many reasons for their loss, neatly negating the residents, their opinions and their effect on the outcome. The residents, who, for too long, have been disenfranchised, disillusioned and steam-rolled by elected officials and their appointees. Helter-skelter, inappropriate overdevelopment has been allowed for every developer where the consequences have invariably, negatively impacted neighborhoods, green space, wetlands and quality of life. The “resident effect” was also a factor two years ago without the other variables used as excuses today. Money didn’t matter then, either.

The Republicans need to look at themselves. Failure to deliver for its citizens using a path rejected by voters is not a winning strategy for any party.

Savvy, informed residents voted for the candidates, not the party. They’ve suffered enough, paid enough, and have been ignored enough. They voted for the first all-Democratic board to correct these wrongs. They voted for well-thought-out, long-term planning for a better Amherst today and the future.

Judy Ferraro


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