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Bauerle's beef with Sandy Beach revealed on Facebook

Don’t invite WBEN-AM afternoon talk show host Tom Bauerle and midday host Sandy Beach to the same party.

That's the message I got after reading a post on the Bauerle and Bellavia Facebook page that Bauerle wrote a few days before he had heart bypass surgery about two weeks ago. The post, which I first read while on vacation last week, remained up on the page this morning.

First some news about Bauerle's recuperation: Greg Ried, who runs WBEN and all the Entercom stations here, said he expects Bauerle will be back to work with co-host David Bellavia sometime between January and March.

Bauerle wrote on the Facebook page Tuesday that he has been told he may not be able to return to work for 12 weeks but "I say I am a fast healer."

Now on to the Facebook post in question.

Having had a heart attack five years ago, I know emotions can be raw as you face your mortality. You are vulnerable. You might not be yourself. You might get sentimental. You might jump to conclusions. You might get angry.

Bauerle got angry two weeks ago.

He didn't mention Beach by name in his post, but it was hard to conclude anything but Bauerle's comments were aimed at Beach, who has had numerous positive stories written about him, switched time slots with Bauerle more than four years ago and is a member of the New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and the Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

I am unaware if Bauerle's complaints are accurate or if the comments he attributed to Beach were actually made by someone else and it was all a big misunderstanding. But here is the Dec. 6 Facebook post in its raw entirety.

"Really a shame some classless people who have endless puff pieces written about them refuse to call the show "Bauerle and Bellavia." But Karma is a bitch. And it WILL bite you. My sponsors are with ME. David's are with him. You can't even show your advertisers, the ones who pay your check the courtesy of an appearance at a holiday party For a photo op? Bauerle and Bellavia are a united team and that is what matters in this business, because I and we take care of our sponsors and have a legion of loyal fans we embrace. I am the bigger and better man. I tried the high road but you know what someone once said if you're not with me when I need you you're just not with me and brother you made your point. Just a pathetic person. I have suffered a serious heart attack and am awaiting open heart surgery and David is dealing with his dad's death. David and I would take bullets for each other.

"WHAT kind of bitter low coworker takes shots at people who are going through those situations? A near fatal heart attack and the death of a parent?

"I'll tell you who acts this way: the lowest kind of life form and jealous iNsecure idiot. Too bad there isn't a "classless" Hall of Fame to add to your resume. But I assure you we will be back in the driver seat more than anybody even knows. What kind of person does that? Won't say my name, even NOW? Again, I took the high road and tried to forgive and be a colleague. It isn't my fault you lost your shift because you didn't know how to cover breaking news like I do. 2018 is going to be a great year for David and me, Bauerle and Bellavia have BIG plans and we not just talking Buffalo."

Asked for a comment, Entercom's Ried, wrote "Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year?"

That was his way of saying I'm not talking about an apparent feud between two talk show hosts.

Even if Bauerle has apologized about the post, it is hard to imagine Beach forgetting it.

Readers of the Facebook post read through the lines.

"If it's who I think your referring too, then you should rent a billboard telling everybody his real name. He seems always sensitive about that or hell, just steal his cane," wrote one Facebook reader.

"Sandy Beach? I sure hope not," wrote another reader.


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