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Watch: Fox Sports teases fans of Bills, Browns and more in playoff therapy group video

A Bills fan, a Browns fan and a Timberwolves fan walk into a room ... no, that's not the start of a bad joke, it's the setting of a Fox Sports video this week that parodied what it would be like to have a support group for teams that constantly miss the playoffs. (OK, maybe it was the start of a bad joke.)

Fans of the Bills – who have gone 17 seasons without a playoff berth, the longest drought in American sports – were prominently featured in the video.

Fans went around the room talking about what it has been like to support their sorry team, but the Bills fans took the cake.

Here's a rundown of each fan's lament:

  • Timberwolves fan (13 seasons without a playoff berth): "My doctor says I'm going to get emphysema if I burn another jersey."
  • Browns fan (15): "In the last decade, I've had more quarterbacks than dates."
  • Padres fan (11): "At least your owner will spend money."
  • Mariners fan (16): "I've quit telling people I'm a sports fan."
  • Hurricanes fan (8): "I bet you didn't even know Carolina has a hockey team." Reply: "Which one?"

Then it cut to the Bills fan. His son, Kelly – named after Jim – sat beside him.

"You poor saps think you've got it bad? The Bills haven't made the playoffs this century!" the fan said. "Kelly, here, is going to be 18 next month! He's never had a playoff team in his life! NEVER! An adult man! (Sort of.)"

The Bills fan was then reminded that the Bills are still alive for the playoffs with only a few weeks like in the season.

"You guys really think that there's a chance?"

Entire room: No.

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