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One of Thrillist's top 15 places for the 'solo trip of a lifetime': Buffalo?

Where to go when you're traveling on your own? Thrillist pulled together a list of ideal destinations for the lone wolf: Seville, Spain; Paris, France; Morocco; and ... Buffalo?

Yes, Thrillist says, the Queen City is one of 15 places around the world where "where nature swallows you, where locals embrace you, and where you can arrive as a person of mystery who might return one day and find people are still talking about you, years later."

Why? It's perfect for the traveler who enjoys cities with an active, friendly nightlife, says writer Matt Meltzer.

“In my home state of Florida, when two married couples start chatting up a solo traveler at a rooftop bar you assume you’re about to either get A) robbed or B) lured into a sex dungeon. So you can imagine my surprise when on my first night in Buffalo, as I drank alone at the Curtiss Hotel’s rooftop bar, two couples started asking me questions, bought me drinks, and never once used the phrase 'so do you like my wife?' But this is how it works in Nickel City.”

Buffalo hospitality, the Anchor Bar, Allentown and the Pink all get a nod in the piece, which you can read here.

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