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Dolphins lineman says Adolphus Washington hit him in the face

The Bills stopped the Dolphins on third and goal in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game, but an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Bills lineman Adolphus Washington gave the Dolphins a first down. That led to a touchdown two plays later.

Dolphins lineman Jesse Davis said Washington hit him in the face.

“I saw Kenyan [Drake, the running back] on the ground and a bunch of blue jerseys around him, I’m trying to get my guy to the sideline,” Davis said, via the Miami Herald. “Next thing you know, this guy turns around and hits me in the face and I didn’t understand what the hell was going on. So I try to get my guy off, he was trying to stop me and didn’t want me to get there.”

A replay found online agrees with Davis' story. Washington (92) hit Davis right in front of field judge Eugene Hall, gifting the Dolphins a new set of downs.

Bills captain Kyle Williams pointed right to Washington's penalty when asked about the chippiness of the game, calling it "dumb football."

"I know one thing: We’re off the field on fourth down," he said. "And to have a penalty there – honestly, I don’t know what it is – but at that point in the game, we’re off the field on fourth and 1, they’ve got to kick another field goal. That’s dumb football no matter what happened or what the penalty was. I don’t care if they talk ugly about your mother. Handle it after the game. Right there, you walk away, you get off the field. That’s a big, crucial point in the game. They get the ball inside the 20, we hold them to a field goal, that’s a win for us. So right there we have to be smarter and we’re going to have to learn from that going forward."

The Dolphins may have gone for the touchdown on fourth down since they were facing a big deficit, but Williams' point still stands.

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