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Data shows Airbnbs (usually) score more when the Bills are home

When the Buffalo Bills are in town, data shows that guests are too – in Western New York's Airbnbs.

With one exception: Last Sunday's "Snowvertime" game versus Indianapolis.

New data provided by Airbnb shows there's been a surge in visitors to Buffalo on Saturday nights before a Bills home game with occupancy up by more than 60 percent on those weekends not impacted by heavy snow. The average guest count is 673. That's up from 421 when the Bills are out of town.

Last weekend was the only week below average. Data shows there were 376 guests.

Tonight, 600 Airbnb guests will stay here in advance of tomorrow's game versus Miami.

The "most popular game" came earlier this month when the defending Superbowl champion New England Patriots were in Buffalo. Guests numbered 760.


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