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Wherever upstate New York is, it's not Lower Manhattan

What – or, better yet, where – is upstate New York?

The New York Times recently took a crack at the divisive topic, with an article billed as "A Quest to Define 'Upstate.' "

The author reached out to the governor's office, dug through state law and read the Associated Press Stylebook, none of which provided a concrete answer.

Is it anything north of New York City? North of Westchester County? Is it where public transit into the city ends?

The Times wisely consulted Jon Campbell, a reporter for Gannett in Albany who leads the #WhereIsUpstate discussion on Twitter. "Upstate is where you feel it is in your heart," Campbell said.

Among those who commented was Buffalo's Alan Oberst, better known by his Twitter handle, @HeyRaChaCha.

But when Oberst told the Times he lived on the Lower West Side, this is how he was identified: Alan Oberst, 40, Lower Manhattan.

We're still working on that definition of upstate, it seems.

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