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Love purple? This is your time

Goodbye greenery. Hello ultra violet. Pantone Color Institute has named this shade of purple its color of the year for 2018.

All this talk about ultra violet got me thinking about shades of purple in general.

I recall the day my mother hauled off and painted the master bedroom a shade of purple. I was probably age 5 or 6, but if I close my eyes now and try to picture it, I see a shade of lavender on the walls. With white woodwork, of course.

I never really considered my mother a big fan of purple, but she must have decided that it was the right color at the right time. To this day, I don’t know if she ever consulted my father on this project.

I have an aunt who for decades has disliked purple with a passion. A lot of little kids seem to like it, though. Back when my daughter was young, many of her friends named purple as their favorite color. Or pink. Of course they may have been influenced by all those My Little Pony toys with purple and pink hair.

While I only have a few purple clothes, I do love purple flowers.

“What would we do without hyacinths, irises, violets, lilacs and lavender?,” the interior designer Alexandra Stoddard once wrote in one of her decorating books – acknowledging, too, that purple has had a “checkered career.”

She must have been talking to my aunt.

Florist Susan Berger often uses purple in floral arrangements.

“Purple is a great color because it helps other colors pop. It does great with pink and white. The pink just looks brighter. Even when you are doing a mix of colors, you might look at it and say, ‘It needs something.’ Then you add purple, and there it is,” said Berger, owner of Flower a Day on Grand Island.

“Purple looks good with almost everything. Sometimes it goes toward the blues; sometimes it goes toward the reds. With the ultra violet, it goes toward the blue. You can have it with red. You can have it with orange, pink or yellow. We’ve even had people at Christmas time stepping away from the traditional red, green and white and, if they love purple, they’ll do purple and green for a brighter palette,” she said.

It’s also a regal color, Berger added. “Brides have been loving it for years.”

She agreed that young girls like it, too. “When you were a little girl, didn’t you have something purple that you loved? Whenever someone comes in for a little bouquet to give to a girl after a play or concert at school, they always say, ‘She loves purple.’ ”

“I’m so glad Pantone recognizes how popular it is,” she said.

Perhaps it’s the right color at the right time.

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