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Letters: Don’t fear appreciating and acknowledging Christmas

Don’t fear appreciating and acknowledging Christmas

Why so afraid to say “Christmas?”

It’s becoming more and more absurd that we are subject to referring to anything related to Christmas as “the holidays.” This is predominately the media (especially you, Channel 7 News), but it is throughout the workplace, shops and restaurants. With few exceptions (good for you Valu!) There is some perceived shame or fear of offending to acknowledge that the reason we shop, dress, eat and party is because of the holiday that falls every year on Dec. 25 – CHRISTMAS DAY! The holidays used to be Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

But the truth is that Christmas is the real focus. We buy gifts to be shared on Christmas Day. Dec. 25 is a federal (and international) day off, most everything we prepare for in December is directly related to Christmas.

Full disclosure, I was raised Catholic and fully believe that Christmas signifies the birth of Jesus Christ, however, the non-secular aspect of the holiday has been universally accepted and celebrated for generations.

One only need notice the endless TV specials, commercials and Hello Kitty and fire-breathing inflatable dragons that are on display on front lawns as decorations.

Stop the charade, people. This is political correctness in all its pointless glory. It's OK to appreciate and acknowledge Christmas without religious connotations.

Wishing someone “Merry Christmas” is a greeting of good wishes for health and happiness.

Who can be offended by that?

Jim Banach


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