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Letters: Plenty of blame to go around in shooting of woman by ‘hunter’

Plenty of blame to go around in shooting of woman by ‘hunter’

The media has been portraying the person who shot a woman who was walking her dog as a hunter. This shooter is by no means a hunter. A responsible hunter would not fire a gun after dark at an unknown target. However, the responsibility should not stop with this shooter. The responsibility should also be put on the state Department of Environmental Conservation, the New York State auto insurers lobby and the timber lobby, which lobby the State Legislature to continue the mass shooting of deer so as to curtail car/deer collisions and allow forests to regenerate after loggers clean them out.

It is time to stop this practice and making an example of the person. This might send a clear message.

Every ethical hunter strives to be safe when hunting. This was no accident at 5:15 p.m., it was too dark to see on Nov. 18. This shooter and those who think like him are the reason why people post their property, and hunters and responsible parties such as the NRA get a bad name.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer Jr.

Coudersport, Pa.

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