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Letters: Feroleto’s stance on inclusionary zoning seems contradictory

Feroleto’s stance on inclusionary zoning seems contradictory

It doesn’t make sense that Delaware Council Member Joel Feroleto would say he “supports the concept of inclusionary zoning, but that his district is pretty much built up.”

As he well knows, of the three major development projects currently in various stages of planning in the Elmwood Village, not one yet has a shovel in the ground: not at the former Women & Children’s Hospital site (still in the early stages of public hearings); the Ciminelli Bidwell Parkway site (on hold for re-evaluation), or the Chasen Elmwood/Forest site (still being litigated).

It doesn’t make sense unless Feroleto is trying to have it both ways: saying he supports inclusionary zoning but also suggesting the current development projects should somehow be exempted. Feroleto is exhibiting behavior that contradicts what he claims to believe or feel. That is the definition of hypocrisy.

Susan M. Davis


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