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Letters: Collins’ backing of tax reform bill raises questions of his allegiance

Collins’ backing of tax reform bill raises questions of his allegiance

I have received a mailing, at taxpayer expense, from my congressman, Chris Collins, promoting the current tax cut bill as bringing “real relief to middle income citizens”.

Collins has said he does not believe meeting his constituents at town meetings is useful. But if he did meet with us I would ask why he approves repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax, which he states “penalizes those with large deductions,” without mentioning that this AMT affects only those who already have large incomes. I would ask why he wants to eliminate the inheritance tax, which currently only affects those with estates over $5.5 million. Why does he favor hurting his constituents by eliminating deduction of state and local taxes? If he truly wants to help the middle class, why not maintain these deductions? If he wants to spur business growth, why eliminate clean energy tax credits, which encourage one of the fastest growing areas of employment, while maintaining federal support for the fossil fuel industry?

I suspect the answer is this, in spite of talk of a great middle-class tax relief, which this isn’t, and of tax cuts spurring great economic growth, which the history of the Reagan and Bush cuts proves false, the driving motivation behind this bill is satisfying the wishes of rich political donors.

Peter Ewing

Lake View

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