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Letters: Priest wants to restore meaning of Thanksgiving, Christmas

Priest wants to restore meaning of Thanksgiving, Christmas

Often times letters to Everybody’s Column catch my attention for a variety of reasons. Recently, there were two that were cause for my reflection: one on Thanksgiving Day table memories and the other on restoring the real meaning of Christmas. As rich as each of those reflections was, I found that neither really mentioned the cultural and faith realities that were the impetus for the writers’ reflections.

Each was powerful, provocative and heartwarming in their own way, especially having an attitude of welcoming and sharing with family and the poor, very much in keeping with Pope Francis’ “culture of encounter” and gratitude for life’s gifts.

And I would challenge your readers to try to name the causes, besides personal love, for the reasons each person wrote. Or in other words “why are some Thanksgivings now lost?” and what have been the causes for “lost Christmases?”

Lastly, what is missing and what do we need to restore the original meaning of Thanksgiving and its wondrous warmth and celebration; and what is really the reason for Christmas at all? I would love to know the true answers to each of these simple questions. Obviously, I have my own ideas, but I would love to know how your readers, given the chance, would answer these simple (yet profound) questions.

Father Art Smith

Parish priest, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish, Depew

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