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Letters: Drug dealer in fatal overdose deserved stronger sentence

Drug dealer in fatal overdose deserved stronger sentence

Judge Sheila DiTullio has decided to give a break to a drug dealer who purposely, intentionally and deliberately fed an opiate overdose to his supposed girlfriend and then compounded the issue by asking someone else to “check on her.”

If this isn’t a clear case of premeditated first-degree murder than I’m missing the definition of same. Allowing him to plead to the lesser charge of second-degree manslaughter is ludicrous enough, but then sentencing a murderous drug dealer to the minimum of 1∑ to 4 years will likely lead to his return to society in less than his full sentence and allow him to continue to pursue his felonious vocation imperiling other addicts.

If you’re stuck with the plea, then at least sentence him to the maximum (5-15 years) allowed under the charge. After all, he had to know that what he was doing would result in her death. She deserves some measure of justice for her gruesome demise.

Scott H. Patterson


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