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Letters: Cuomo betrays family virtues in closing psychiatric center

Cuomo betrays family virtues in closing psychiatric center

At a St. Joseph’s Table in 2006 at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens, I recall a younger Andrew Cuomo relating how justice and the passion for justice started with his grandfather. As I recall, the now governor’s grandfather said passionately in Italian, “Non est giustizia” (that isn’t justice) when some legal or governmental act offended him. The same man served as part of the inspiration of Mario Cuomo’s 1984 Democratic keynote address when Mario Cuomo described a struggle to live with dignity when he witnessed his father, a man who came home with his feet bleeding after working 16 hour days as an exemplar of a true hero.

One would think with these examples of the virtues of justice, sacrifice, wisdom, courage, struggle, dignity and empathy, the decision to keep the Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center open in West Seneca would require the exercise of family virtues. These are also attributes in the traditions of cherished leaders in both the Republican and Democratic parties, from Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to FDR, Truman and LBJ. Governor Cuomo is borrowing from neither tradition with his callous action to discontinue the West Seneca Children’s Psychiatric Center facility.

Why do we run headlong into battles that are so lacking in common sense and reason? Why does the governor insist on ignoring the voices of children, experts, professors and workers in the 19 counties served by this facility?

Yes governor, your name may be Cuomo, but this isn’t justice.

Bill Licata


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