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Letters: Tax reform plan empowers American bullies, oligarchs

Tax reform plan empowers American bullies, oligarchs

With tax reform, I am fearful Congress has moved to solidify an America of powerful bullies and oligarchs. How is liberty to survive? The current tax legislation was devised in secret, forced through without sufficient deliberation, promoted on emotional fantasy and deceptive claims, largely voted on unread. It represents irresponsible government on every level – Republicans for acting like a gang of frustrated fanatics; Democrats for standing by; all of us for failing our responsibilities as citizens to safeguard our democracy, our planet, our children’s future.

Thank goodness, a few brave women are standing up to powerful men presenting their nakedness. Sexual harassment is one dimension of the exercise of presumptive power. Is this tax bill another, taking from the many to give to the rich, concentrating even more power in the hands of the few? Will we really have to survive the next five to 10 years to realize there’s no trickle in a trickle-down economy?

The goal should be an economy where every American can make a living that provides security from hunger, access to health care and education, opportunity for self-fulfillment and compassion to others. That’s definitely not what we’re getting.

Susan Woods


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