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Letters: President’s policies favor his family, wealthy friends

President’s policies favor his family, wealthy friends

I would like to reply to the letter of Nov. 28 expressing support for President Trump and denigration of Democrats who have a different view.

First of all, I do not appreciate being told that we Democrats are all ignorant. I don’t know who the writer’s Democratic friends are, but I can assure you that I and my friends and family are well aware of the political situation in America.

I know that people who voted for Trump want lower taxes. The tax bill they are passing does give lower taxes to the very wealthy. However, the small tax cut offered to the poor and middle class will disappear in a few years, and you will be paying more. The deficit that they used to worry about will explode, and they will then try to cut our Social Security and Medicare.

As for the coal industry, the jobs are going away because there is a decreasing demand for coal. Natural gas now powers most electric generators and, despite Scott Pruitt’s best efforts, solar and wind power will be the future.

As for the “Cadillac Medicaid” program, I am glad we take care of our elderly and working poor in New York. I don’t know how anyone can claim to be a Christian and be so hard-hearted that he could turn away desperate migrants who are fleeing horrible conditions. Yes, that is who we are, and I am proud of it.

Trump denies it, but his policies favor his family and his rich friends. I have a lot of knowledge about economics and history. I know you will never be convinced, but you have fallen for the lies of a known con man. Sad!

Janet Zehr


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