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Letters: Liberals should recognize there are two sides to story

Liberals should recognize there are two sides to story

To be honest, I buy The Buffalo News for its weekly coupons, not for its biased publication. I am so tired of reading the letters from liberals that can only speak against our president. They are the poor losers and the Ph.D.s and liberal professors that know nothing about the economy, and continue to bash President Trump without looking at what this man has done. He has brought back freedom to serve food in school cafeterias that children will eat, freedom to choose a medical plan without penalty – did I mention freedom to peruse the help wanted ads and actually see jobs they are qualified for? No cooked-up books on the economy or jobs as we have seen for eight years under the past administration.

I think these liberals should maybe take a hard look at the economy and open their eyes and realize there are two sides to every story.

Carol Hartwig


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