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Letters: Grading the tenure of Amherst supervisor

Grading the tenure of Amherst supervisor

It is the appropriate time to discuss the departing supervisor of the Town of Amherst, and offer a method to grade his tenure.

I, like many others, am tired of hearing about Westwood. The success of Amherst depends upon two fundamental metrics.

One is the creation of new residential and commercial taxpayers, by improving the quality of life and providing ongoing improved essential service delivery and all mandated services.

It is easier to use a simple report card. Has Amherst increased the number of taxpayers and provided essential and mandated services without the necessity of increasing taxes and fees? Consider the retail store owners facing declining sales, so they decide to raise the price of all items to compensate. Isn’t that what was done when Amherst engaged in increasing the assessment of private homes to increase revenues?

The matter of Westwood is not an issue. The SEQR and zoning revision proposals for converting an unsuccessful country club into something unique is interesting. Because the developer offers self-funding, the local government creates obstacles. Homeowners that may be affected have the important right to oppose but must recognize that real growth and improvement of quality of life usually occur when local government plays by the rules. Amherst’s apparent residential growth requires additional sanitary sewer capacity. Traffic congestion and traffic safety inhibit our quality of life now. What is being done to offer the proven alternative of public transportation?

Some of the contiguous private homes are fearful of development and have the NIMBY illness. That is fine too. Shout and publish loudly your viewpoint because that is the purpose of representative government. Now use the metrics of town government to write the report card for the departing town supervisor, and please ignore the mention of Westwood.

Harvey Brody


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