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Letters: Critical of writer praising trickle-down economics

Critical of writer praising trickle-down economics

Russ Gugino, former staffer for Rep. Jack Kemp, recently criticized Douglas Turner for trashing the “phony” theory of “trickle down” economics. He heaps abundant praise on how this theory has worked over the past 30 years, providing jobs and prosperity. Oh yeah! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One perceives according to one’s own ideological framework!

Take a closer look at this so-called job creation and prosperity. The facts don’t lie: millions of jobs lost, wages stagnant, trillions of dollars stashed offshore, yet profits for those with skin in the game – CEOs, shareholders, top 1 percent, etc. – have gone through the roof. Let’s not forget that one of Reagan’s first acts was to fire the air traffic controllers. So much for empathizing with the American middle class and working class.

Prosperity and job creation, for whom? Russ, better for you to get some corrective lenses when it comes to “trickle down” economics.

The Rev. Pascal Ipolito


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