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Letters: After the tax bill, some ideas on promoting welfare reform

After the tax bill, some ideas on promoting welfare reform

Now that the “Tax Cut Bill for the Rich” is on its way (thanks Democrats for putting up such a ferocious fight, you can come out now), I am pleased to hear Paul Ryan declare open season on welfare reform.

Welfare reform – where do we start? The possibilities are endless.

Let’s start with the biggest welfare scam: the war in Afghanistan. All of the military industrial complex has been gorging themselves on tax dollars for a record 16 straight years now – corporate welfare at its best. Despite the massive opposition from the combined Taliban air force, Taliban navy and Taliban ground divisions, our corporate welfare gang tells us they just might be able to round up this gargantuan band of desert nomads if they just had a little more money. Translation: We need a few more years of unaccounted, unaudited corporate welfare.

Maybe next Paul Ryan will go after another welfare scam: hedge fund managers. The new tax cut bill lowered the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent, but hedge fund managers have been paying 15 percent all along. And these are the solid Americans who brought you the housing crisis back in 2008. Instead of going to jail they were bailed out, then bonused. Gee, ain’t corporate welfare great?

Probably the Trump gang will dub this the “War on Welfare,” we’re so good at declaring wars. And maybe Paul Ryan, while he’s at it, will rename the middle class to the “Shut up, who asked you class.” Highly accurate I think. After all, the only choice we’ll have in 2018 is either: A. Republican Runaway Capitalism or B. Democrat Runaway Capitalism.

And you thought your vote meant something.

Phil Parshall


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