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Hungry for an ugly Christmas sweater pizza?

There’s nothing new about ugly Christmas sweater theme days, contests and websites. People have been throwing ugly sweater parties for years. In fact, Dec. 23 is the date of the 16th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in Vancouver, B.C., which has been called “the birthplace of the original ugly holiday sweater party.”

So with National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day arriving Dec. 15 – according to – should I have been surprised to have received an email from Better Homes and Gardens with this typed in the subject line: “Ugly Sweater Eats (Wear Your Sweater & Eat One, Too)”?

Indeed, I was just one click away from discovering a recipe for the Savory Ugly Sweater Vest Pizza. The ingredients call for refrigerated pizza crust, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese and assorted toppings – pepperoni, black olives, ham, sweet peppers, etc. – to “decorate as desired to look like an ugly sweater.”

There’s also a recipe for Ugly Sweater Fruit Pizza.

You’ll find lots of ideas online for decorating a cake to look like an ugly sweater, too. And imagine what you could do with cookies. Of course you’ll need to add a sweater cutout to your collection – and, yes, they are out there.

Here are a few other ways to get your fill of ugly sweaters this season:

• Target sells a do-it-yourself kit for designing ugly socks to go with your own ugly sweater. One kit features women’s socks with a holiday sweater motif on them. Other pattern options include a cat sporting reindeer ears; gingerbread man; polar bear; Christmas tree, and snowman. Each Real Ugly Socks Design Your Own kit includes a glue applicator and ribbons and pompoms to add in a design of your choice. Kits are $7 each at

• is one place you’ll find ugly sweater-themed party invitations and Christmas cards. And what better way to mail your invitations to your ugly sweater party than to affix an ugly sweater stamp? also offers custom postage stamps for mailing them in a fun selection of ugly sweater-themed designs. Visit the website for details.

• Ugly sweater bottle stoppers and bottle covers are an option for your party. But you don’t have to stop there. offers instructions on how to make mini-sweater charms so party guests can keep track of their drinking glasses.

• “Who wore it worst?” asks the folks at, where a package of three Ugly Sweater Party Award Ribbons are written with “Ugly,” “Uglier” and “Ugliest” for hosts to distribute to the top three winners. The package of three is priced at $5.99.

• For those who like to change their device cases with the season, ugly sweater-themed designs are available for cellphones, iPads and laptops. and Amazon are just two resources.

Finally, what better way to celebrate Christmas sweaters than by hanging a few sweater ornaments? If you ever tire of the craze, you can always tuck them away on the branches at the back of the tree.

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