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Letters: Seldom funny ‘Close to Home’ comic strip should be replaced

We have always enjoyed the daily comics, or at least most of them. They are usually amusing, as they should be, and offer us a chance to laugh as we start the day. We can’t help but to see the strip “Close to Home” as we read one of our favorites adjacent to it, “Pickles.”

“Close To Home” is seldom funny. The Dec. 1 strip was another that was way out of line, but that seems to be customary for it. Many will call it obscene. It insults the reader’s intelligence to think that most will enjoy off color “jokes” such as dogs who sniff crotches.

It is way past time for The Buffalo News to find a replacement comic strip, and it is in very poor taste for The News to continue with it.

Ronald Ogren

Orchard Park

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