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Hell hath no fury: Top 5 reactions to Jeff Miers' Bon Jovi criticism

On Wednesday, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced that Bon Jovi received the most votes in its fan poll of nominees for the Class of 2018. By a long shot.

I bemoaned this fact, and suggested that it's a shame fellow inductees of more significant musical merit — the Meters, Link Wray, Radiohead, the Cars, and frankly, every other artist on the inductee list — received far less love.

Basically, I was asking for it. Hell hath no fury like a Bon Jovi fan scorned. Here are the top 5 responses to my column — received via social media and email — and my reactions to them.

"They've sold tons of albums. What have you ever done?"

I've purchased tons of albums, and exactly none of theirs.

"Sell millions of albums, then you can offer your opinion."

This suggests that only people who have sold millions of albums are entitled to have an opinion. Accepting such would set a dangerous precedent. That slope is slippery when wet. (See what I did there?)

"He's gorgeous, and you're hideous."

That's true, but how is this possibly my fault?

"This is all your opinion. Where are the facts?"

Er, I'm a music critic. (The Oxford Companion to Music defines music criticism as "the intellectual activity of formulating judgments on the value and degree of excellence of individual works of music, or whole groups or genres.")

"They sell out stadiums and you work in a cubicle"

That's somewhat true, although the cubicle is something I resist with every fiber of my being. One benefit of this – I never have to play any Bon Jovi songs, something many musicians will agree is akin to plonking your way through "Brown Eyed Girl" for super-wasted folks at a Bills tailgating party. So I'm pretty much winning.

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