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Letters: Trump’s advisers showcase his lack of judgment, morals

Trump’s advisers showcase his lack of judgment, morals

I just started referring to the president by name. To my family and friends who support Donald Trump – stop reading. If his unpatriotic attack on McCain, Gold Star families, birther issue and “Access Hollywood” didn’t turn you off, nothing I say will.

I look at his friends and appointees to showcase his lack of judgment/morals. Roger Stone, an admitted “dirty trickster” with ties to Russia. Cohen and Sater worked on Trump Tower Moscow, emailed that if this was engineered, our “boy” could become president. Manafort and Gates, indicted. Papadopoulos’ guilty plea about lying to FBI about Russia. Carter Page, in the middle of the campaign, takes a trip to Russia.

Steve Bannon calls himself a “Leninist” because “Lenin wanted to destroy the state too, and that’s my goal.” Stephen Miller said Trump’s powers “are substantial and will not be questioned.”

Sessions, Kushner, Don Jr. all have amnesia when it comes to contacts with Russians.

Mike Flynn – Obama warned Trump not to hire him as national security adviser. Sally Yates went to the White House to say Flynn could be compromised. Yet nothing was done until the “fake news” broke the story ... not Fox, not Breitbart. Does the administration vet immigrants as nonchalantly as it vetted Flynn, Manafort, Page, etc?

Without NBC, CBS, ABC, Associated Press, Reuters, et al., we wouldn’t know half of what was going on. You don’t have to believe everything they say, but investigate for yourself, because without a free press and freedom of speech, we are lost.

Let’s make America great again – after Trump.

Mary Augustino Bernat

Niagara Falls

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