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Letters: Poloncarz deserves praise for presentation on tax plan

Poloncarz deserves praise for presentation on tax plan

At least 100 gathered in a church hall recently to hear County Executive Mark Poloncarz’s very instructive perspective on the local effect of the Republican tax plan. As a News-reading voter, I have always approved of the county executive’s approach to governing, but had no idea what an effective teacher he is.

Mr. Poloncarz compared current tax policy and the changes under the new congressional plans, and followed up with their predicted effects on the rich, and the rest of us. He is well-qualified to speak on the subject, having worked as a tax attorney before entering politics. Unlike many politicians, he maintained the dignity of his office and respect for his audience, while explaining with the clarity of an experienced teacher. The audience was clearly well-informed as reflected in their questions, which he answered respectfully. Throughout his talk, he avoided disparaging language and partisan rhetoric. He asked his audience to urge friends and relatives in Republican-leaning states to tell their senators to stop this proposed tax plan that is skewed to benefit high-income earners against the economic well-being of low-income Americans, and municipalities.

I write to thank Poloncarz for preparing such a clear and complete presentation, and for dedicating his evening to educating his constituents.

Janet M. Goodsell

Grand Island

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