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Letters: Lack of answers on Benghazi continues to be an outrage

Lack of answers on Benghazi continues to be an outrage

At one time or another all of us have experienced a deeply felt sense of outrage at certain happenings in our world. For me it is, not was, the Benghazi episode. So, to those who know, I say, please no more lies insulting the intelligence of the American people. No more dishonoring the memory of our brave men, the heroes of Benghazi.

Until the truth about the Benghazi debacle is known, the whole truth, nuanced with neither guile nor limitation is confessed (rather than disclosed) the haunting question of why the four were left to die will haunt us forever. The failure on the part of those who made the decision not to help stands in stark contrast to the demonstrated, indomitable spirit of our fighting men and women.

We need to know why our government chose “to stand down.” Their decision to hide the facts is blatantly unfair to those who loved them and to their comrades in arms. Claiming issues of “national security,” the decision-makers lied. Their dishonesty and gross insensitivity is so egregious and self-serving that it will forever speak to the political cowardice of those who made the decision to abandon the heroic four.

Nicholas Mecca


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