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Think before you tweet, even about Taylor Swift

A Tweet from a user known as Nutella asking readers to "Name a (expletive) badder than Taylor Swift" has exploded.

But not in the way it was originally intended.

More than 10,000 Twitter users have responded and -- despite what the endless media push behind Swift would like us to believe -- the singer does not top the lists of too many Twitter users when it comes to remarkable women who have made lasting contributions during their time.

The thread has elicited a remarkable outpouring of love and respect for inspiring women in every walk of life – from women who made deep and lasting contributions to the arts and culture, to Nazi concentration camp survivors, to hundreds of mothers and grandmothers celebrated for their everyday accomplishments far from the spotlight.

Nutella's Tweet was posted as a rhetorical question, but the response offered a history lesson that celebrated art, activism and endurance. This provides a wonderful contrast to Swift's music, which has largely been a study in narcissism and the discussion of romantic relationships.

Inadvertently, this Tweet has become, in my estimation, Swift's "greatest hit."


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