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Letters: Trump and Republican agenda show no concern for Americans

Trump and Republican agenda show no concern for Americans

I feel compelled to rebut the recent pro-Trump, pro-tax cut letters I have been reading here because it amazes me that people still support this man or his inane and blatant theft of taxpayer funds.

First, Trump is an accused sexual predator, supporting a candidate for senator who is an accused child abuser. Evangelicals in Alabama are excusing their sick candidate’s behavior having compared what he did to Joseph and Mary. People in this paper wrote letters that they were offended that a cartoonist mocked this supposed preacher and mixed it up and blamed the cartoonist. Alabama is justifying supporting someone who prowled courtrooms as a DA and went after teenagers and was even banned from the local mall because his predatory behavior was known.

As for the tax cuts, if you can read, and add, you know that New York, a state that pays North Carolina’s bills ever year, is getting double-taxed. I have seen letters from people declaring that North Carolina supports New York. In federal revenue sharing 13 pay for 37. Know what that means? It means 13 states, with New York, California, Massachusetts and Connecticut being four of them, pay for the retirees in Florida, North Carolina and every deep red state. Also, since Republicans run them, by their own actions they show they don’t care if their voters live or die. The states that support these red states are Democrat-led and they care that the water is clean, the air is clean, that we don’t extinct every species and you don’t wake up to earthquakes from fracking. In other words, if you are a regular person, Republicans have now proven with their tax bill that they don’t care if you die.

Trickle down does not work; Anyone tells you different, take a look at Kansas. The governor destroyed that state with the same formula Republicans are using now. If you don’t think that’s true and this all overstated, take a good look at Puerto Rico. Those are Americans and they are dying from the Republican agenda.

Teresa Lukasik


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