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Letters: Driving carefully in snow can be a lifesaving measure

Driving carefully in snow can be a lifesaving measure

As the temperature begins to drop, our anticipation for a classic and dangerous Buffalo winter draws near. Each year we brace ourselves for any unexpected snowstorms we may receive. One day we could have 4 inches of snow and the next have 4 feet. These storms don’t stop us from carrying on with our everyday lives, but they do affect our commute. Rushing while the road is slick and covered with snow is never a wise idea.

I’ve been driving in Buffalo winters for two years now after getting my license at the age of 17. The more I experience driving in the conditions, the more comfortable I become with it. But that doesn’t mean I drive 55 mph through inches of snow in a white-out. Every winter I hear the same ridiculous comment, “You’re not from Buffalo if you drive 10 mph under the speed limit.”

Could this be more arrogant? I’ve witnessed many accidents of people suddenly stopping on snow-covered roads, causing them to slide into a car because they were going too fast. It’s common sense! Why would anyone want to risk their life or another’s by not taking caution while driving in the snow?

I for one will continue to drive as slow as I want and encourage others to do the same in wintry conditions. This simple task can protect your life and lives of others. As I always say, better safe than sorry.

Holly Miano


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