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Letter: Republishing profile of Nazi warrants reader backlash

Republishing profile of Nazi warrants reader backlash

I am disgusted and furious, seeing that The Buffalo News editors chose to republish the New York Times’ soft and cuddly portrait of a sweet U.S. Nazi family in our American heartland – an article that had provoked such outrage at the Times before you went to print with it that you must have chosen to use it in the hopes it would find a more receptive audience here than it found in the Times.

Your readers need to make sure that The Buffalo News receives the backlash it deserves for prominently featuring an article that paints Nazis (not a “sympathizer” as you said, but an actual Nazi) as warm, fuzzy, real humans who make pasta and are young and in love.

This kind of major promotion of sympathy (three-quarters of a full page) for openly racist, white supremacist, homophobic, anti-Semitic Nazi organizers, the kind with swastikas who revere Hitler, as just your friendly neighbors, is nothing but dangerous. Behind this Nazi’s dog-whistle references lies a genocidal vision for America’s future.

Ellie Dorritie


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