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It could be worse – at least Buffalo fans aren't Chicago right now

Given the state of Buffalo sports lately, maybe it's a good thing the city doesn't have more teams. They might be trapped in this cycle, too, only adding to the suffering.

So if you're feeling down lately, maybe you can take solace in that at least Buffalo isn't Chicago right now. Their professional teams currently in season (the NBA's Bulls, NFL's Bears and NHL's Blackhawks) went 0-11 over the last week and are on losing streaks of nine, five and four games, respectively. Even their minor-league hockey team, the Wolves, is losing.

The Sabres are on a rough patch, losing 11 of their last 12 games, which overlapped with part of the Bills' three-game losing streak last month that contributed to Buffalo teams going 4-13 in November. Neither team has won in December yet, but at least they never went 0-11 in one week.

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